Services to Workspaces. The figures, the issues, the actions.

30/01/2023-FLASHBACK 2022: FACE TO FACE WITH ARSEG, CRDIA AND SYPEMI Lionel COTTIN welcomes : Joël LAROUSSE, Vice-President of ARSEG, Christophe LEROY, Secretary General of SYPEMI Xavier BARON, Coordinator of CRDIA. NEWSLETTER N° 238 of 27/12/2022 FACE TO FACE WITH THE ASSOS WITH ARSEG, CRDIA AND SYPEMI PART 1 Catch-up session for those who[...]

What are the challenges of mobilizing work in the FM?

Article written byXavier BARON, Published in WORKPLACE MAGAZINE N°285 of September/October 2019 The facility management sector includes about thirty trades and represents about 1.25 million jobs that cannot be relocated and cannot be automated, for activities that generate about 185 billion in annual turnover. However, it remains unattractive, due to its invisibility and working conditions[...]

Transforming the contracts : an FM that can generate value

Article made by Xavier BARON And Luc MONTEIL and published in Workplace Magazine in November 2018 there is an urgent need to rethink the known contractual forms on the FM market. The latter suffer from limitations. They negatively impact the quality of the relationentre and providers such as the working conditions of the people working . See the article[...]

Can better services inside an office space boost employee performance ?

  By Fernanda Arreola Teacher-researcher, head of the Business Group of the Vinci Research Center and holder of the chair Innovation Servicielle.  Fernanda Arreola, Pôle Léonard de Vinci – UGEI let me guess. Your office has just become a co-working open space with bright yellow cushions and a ping pong table? or a[...]

From "Facility Management services" to the "amenity" of workspaces

  Xavier BARON and Nicolas CUGIER, article published in the Expansion, section Management Solutions, 10 February 2016 the hyper industrialisation of services applied to Workspaces leads to a stalemate. To get out of it, you have to think differently about the quality and value of these services, how to measure it and, above all, the means[...]

Work and Jobs Serviciels

Xavier BARON. TEDIS Breakfast (Territory and social dialogue) Tuesday, January 9, 2018 take the FM services out of the industrialist impasse through research and experimentation? We asked Xavier BARON to share with us the work that it is doing with a few large client and provider companies, on the issues of emergence and structuring[...]

The value of the services and list of identified issues.

Nicolas CUGIER, seminar opening conference, Palaiseau on 13 September 2017. "The emergence of added values can no longer be inferred from isolated processes see even industrialized or from the analysis of individual behaviours, but must be the result of an overall assessment that embraces reality i.e., meaning, utility, The situation of actions and interactions[...]

Advantages and limits of scoring for measuring Servicielle value

Xavier BARON Article published in the magazine METIS on February 27, 2017.  The notation that is being increasingly in the services, particularly in the collaborative economy, is part of a "grammar" of evaluation. It is an interesting tool in itself. It is however insufficient, technically, and more than suspicious in the order of the[...]