February 5, 2017

CRDIA in Brief

1. Observation: A systemic impasse detrimental to the order-givers and providers of the facility Management

A. Business real estate and occupant services are not only a cost. Workspaces are not a matter of real estate but of services.

B. The formulation of the price by the quantity of labor prevents the identification of the added value and limits the common construction of the performance.

C. The relations between the actors are framed in contractual forms that create defiance.

These limits, shared among all the actors, encourage to invest through research and experimentation to the benefit of innovative solutions.


2. The Adam Island Research Consortium (CRDIA. ORG) has been established since April 2016 for at least three years:

A. It brings together research and experimentation initiatives to invent an economic model, not by impoverishment but by the enrichment of services.

B. Based on individualities that lead large/medium/small organizations to build robust and operative alternatives.

C. from application research.

3. Methodology and Contents: 3 Modalities of intervention/action

A. Research focusing on the development of professional knowledge

I. Measuring the value of services beyond cost calculations/what are the appropriate metrics for evaluating and measuring... hot/cold, clean/dirty, etc...

II. Servicielle/Digital Innovation or not, what does it cover and how do we implement mechanisms to release initiatives and integrate services? Identification of regulatory barriers or levers?

III. Conditions of work in situations of mobility/understanding the conditions for an increase in individual and collective working capacities


B. Experiments focused on innovative tools

I. Assessment of landscaped spaces/building a shared tool for assessing the quality of space resources.

II. Contractual Innovation/What new contractual figures develop in a logic of co-construction of performance?

III. Innovation in Workspace/opening and experimental management of a physical pilot and services rue Desais Paris 15th.

IV. Intelligent territories or the Transformation of areas of activity into living spaces/Conditions and means of enrichment of areas of activity to make them areas of social life?


C. Contributions to accompany the emergence of an integrated trade

I. Site Engineering Meetings – CRDIA/forward-looking exchanges and shares on business developments via 4 interventions/year of social scientists...

II. Training/to the University of FM? Identification of the means of production of the knowledge and places of their dissemination

III. Symposiums/transfers of results and facilitation of the profession.