January 31, 2018

A health operator job

The rise of the Servicielle economy, intellectual work and FM is good news. By difference with the Taylorienne conception of a work "wear", submissive (always suspicious of laziness...), the work Serviciel always partially autonomous, operator of social links and occasion of self-expression. Servicielle production is not synonymous with mechanical and proportional depletion of resources (natural or human). There are activities in the services and FM that remain of low qualification, repetitive, painful. They will be relayed gradually (as in the "industrial gestures" and the processed administrative processes) by digitalisation, sensors, automatons and algorithms. Unlike the (low) part of the work that industrialist thinking takes into account (excluding anything that is non-machinic), human activity, living work, is not measurable in joules or in duration. The output can be a slice of ham, a service or an innovation. It is always a matter of producing (a central way to exist in the world), but of producing knowledge in informing information. To produce, the mobilized work is always effort. It is always potentially the occasion of an experience of failure (C. Delights). It invariably reveals discrepancies in the confrontation of intent (ideal) to the real. It always presents the risk of wear of the ideal before the possible of a real (even abstract) that resists, especially if it is prevented (according to the formula Y. Clot)...

The challenge of the work is to produce both knowledge (an intangible asset), know-how (a collective patrimony), expertise (an asset of production). It always corresponds to an expenditure (individual and collective), but not to a necessary destruction of raw materials, to a consumption/consuming of goods and to the proportional generation of waste.

When work is done, when it is "quality", it is the space of a deployment of expressive dimensions. The work is then resource and lever of personal development. It is potentially health operator[1]. For this, the work requires the cooperativity to serve a collective project. It requires the implementation of its power of invention. It implies a permanent reinvention of the organization of work by the voluntary subjective commitment people working of the.

Failing that, we are in danger of knowing a new "strange defeat"[2] ; An intellectual defeat.

[1] For a discussion of this aspect, see Baron X., the refounded jurisdiction; occupational health operator?, in (R) evolution of human resources management, under Dir. S. Fernagu-Oudet and C. Batal, Editions Septentrion, 2016.

[2] By analogy with the analysis of the 1940 debacle carried out by Marc Bloch. It was in a few weeks that the first military power in the world at the time, France, was collapsed, with the consequences that we know.